We have clothing products like

African wax Prints

African wax prints are very popular all over the world, because of their unique designs.They are available in different varieties:
Traditional - These traditional designs are in demand by the customers because of their ethnic designs.The traditional design are authentic and customers are aware of the unique choice which they get from the varieties of African wax prints. Contemporary - Nowadays designers are creating different and new patterns to match the modern tastes, these combine the traditional as well as the modern.

Khangas:   This printed African fabric are available in different colours and shades and are supplied by us in large numbers.

Voiles:  The simple sheer cotton fabric are of high quality provided by us.

Printed fabrics: The printed fabrics are of different varieties from which the customer can chose from , they are from simple sophisticated to fashionable fabrics.

We also trade food products like

Biscuits:   We have varieties of biscuits which we supply to different customers to different countries in the world.

Candy:   The candy supplied by us are of high quality and all of our customers are satisfied with the candy products supplied by our company . They are in demand by the customers as it matches their tastes.

Rice: Rice supplied by us are of different varieties and it is of high quality .Customers are very much aware of different varieties of rice available all over the world and prefer the rice variety supplied by us.

Spaghetti: The spaghetti supplied by us are of great taste and good quality.

Pasta:  One can get the authentic taste of pasta supplied by us , it is of high quality and satisfies the taste of the customers